Lonely But Not Alone

© 1-21-2022 Photo by: Not a Typical Grandma

I feel so sad and lonely
Though I am not alone
Covid has scared us all
I wish that we could go back
To reclaim the time that we lost

I thought that family would get closer
But it has driven us further apart,
When is this pandemic going to end?

We should be calling each other
Laughing and making memories
Life is too short it’s passing by too fast
I feel so neglected by those that I love

Please tell the people in your life
That you miss them and love them
Don’t get so busy or distracted
That you can’t take time to return calls

Don’t cry at my funeral it is too late
I was sad and lonely waiting to hear your voice
I am gone I don’t want you to live with regret
I left a piece of me with you
I am right there in the middle of your heart

© 1-21-2022 Not a Typical Grandma

Always The Victim

He claims that she is too controlling
but doesn’t understand why.
Let’s take a look at your history
how many times did you make her cry?

You have a pattern of messing up,
she gets angry, cries and speaks her mind.
Time to call your friends to complain
how bad she is treating you. You wonder
how did this relationship decline?

The friends have known you longer than her.
They remember your pattern,
drink, become sarcastic and ready to fight.
They know that she is nice yet strong,
what keeps her sane is that she writes.

Time for you to write another apology letter.
You talk about God, you now feel guilt
with lots of promises to be better
going over the life that you two built.
She is the love of your life so you say
yet you are pushing her away.

She has kept all of your promise letters,
reads them and is becoming stronger
by learning to co-exist as her heart
grows colder waiting to hear it’s over.

The cycle starts all over again
when you’re offered or sneak a drink.
In reality she is the victim, you have
become an abuser.

© Not A Typical Grandma

Photo by: NATG 5-2-2021 

A Mother’s Love


A mother’s love is like no other
she is the queen of your life and heart,
she sacrifices her needs so that you
could have what you needed
that is what a mother does

If you did something naughty,
you would get disciplined but
it hurt her more than it hurt you
she would then reward you
with your favorite foods
just her way of saying I love you 

As the years have passed
her children have grown up
with children of their own,
it is now time for your queen
to be reunited with our Lord,
The Creator and King

When a loved one passes you
often hear that they are in
a better place, no more
pain or sorrow

She will always be in your heart,
if you look around and listen
there will be signs from above
like a butterfly or a bird singing 

Your Mother has been promoted by God
as your Guardian Angel,
a Mother’s
job or love never ends
it comes
from above and is always there 

© Not A Typical Grandma
Photo by: NATG
All Rights Reserved

The Plane Ride

view of airliner wing above the clouds

Photo by Vincent Rivaud on Pexels.com

I was five years old when I experienced
the plane ride I hope I never forget

The plane was so big, I was so small
excited yet nervous
I didn’t understand it all

The clouds were so pretty
they looked soft and heavenly,
I was hypnotized by the beauty and
drifted off into a deep asleep

I awoke when I felt the plane descending
I saw dark buildings, it was a big city
so different from the tropical island
we just left that was so pretty

I was too young to realize
how my life would change
by the plane ride I hope I never forget