The Bright Light

bright light stair to heaven

I have heard about people who have
seen the bright light, never expected Continue reading


I Can’t Wait To Be An Adult

I Can't wait to be an adult


When we are young so many wish
that they were adults, having a
mindset that being an adult means
you get to do what you want.

What you think is freedom is actually
responsibility. You have to work, get
a car, get a place of your own, pay bills,
buy food, cook and clean being an adult
isn’t at all what you think.

Now you realize that you don’t make
enough money for the things that you
took for granted. You thought school
was stupid, wanted to hang out with
friends and fought with your parents
because they didn’t understand.

You moved in with your friends,
you can’t believe how lazy and
irresponsible they are, hanging
out and living together is different
from what you thought.

You miss your parents and the life
that they provided. They were trying
to prepare you for the real world
based on their experiences.

Time to swallow that pride, apologize
and thank them, now that you are
an adult you wish that you could
be a child again.